Refunds for purchases.

If you feel that the product received is not equal to what you ordered please follow these steps:

1. Contact us by e-mail to explain to us what the product is non-compliant. We'll tell you how we will be able to refund you
2. You chiedermo return the parcel, at your expense, in order to receive a refund.

After we have received and verified your return, we will refund. The process can take up to 10 working days from the time you submit the package. You will receive an email with the confirmation of receipt of your package and the refund. You can choose between the following modes of repayment.

  • Bank transfer– data needed
    1. Name and Surname of account holder: can be made payable to you personally or another person of trust. To ensure that the transaction is successful, it is very important that you specify the name of the registered holder of the reference account.
    2. IBAN: code of 27 characters. An IBAN Italian begins with the letters EN, then two control numbers, and then again to a letter code (CIN).
    3. BIC/SWIFT code: identification code of the bank 8 characters, and can follow the other three characters that identify specifically the local branch of your bank reference. With these three data, we have all the information necessary to complete the transaction . If the data are incorrect, the refund may be delayed due to extra checks to be carried out.
    4. How do I find IBAN and BIC?
      - your personal page, your bank's online
      - on the documents which the bank issued
      - apply directly to your branch.

  • Paypal refund - necessary data
    1. E-mail address is associated with your paypal account and to which we will send the refund.

For any question related to refunds, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by writing to

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